Muestra y encuentra talento creativo

Acerca de mí

Everyone has something to tell, each person has a story, life turns into this stories. Mine is this: my name is Julio Alanis, I'm from Querétaro, México. Since I was a kid I showed drawing skills, I liked and still like to do it, there's nothing better than to live off your passion. That's what life is to me, doing what you like. Only in this way we can enjoy, be proud of who we are and what we do. To me, this is the most important, it's the fuel that has brought me to where I am today.

Graduate of Grupo W’s school, "The Digital Invaders". Currently I'm living in Mexico City, working as Integrated Creative Director at DoubleYou Mx.


  • Creativo Digital en The Digital Invaders


  • Graphic Designer en Mooid Lab
  • Graphic Designer en Donde Estudio
  • Senior Art Director en JWT Mexico
  • Creative Director en Wunderman Mexico
  • Creative Director en TBWA
  • Regional Creative Director en Circus Marketing